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I am running the random walk algorithm on my graph with just 4 nodes and 8 edges as a test. When I don't specify the sourceNodes parameter, everything is fine and I get walks from all the nodes. Here is my code: CALL 'exam...
I am running the random walk algorithm on my Neo4j graph named 'example', with the minimum allowed walk length (2) and walks per node (1). Namely, CALL 'example', { walkLength: 2, walksPerNode: 1, randomSee...
I am trying to create a subgraph of my graph using Cypher projection. First, I am creating a subgraph using Cypher query which works perfectly fine. The query is this: // Filter for only recurrent events WITH [path=(m:IDHcodel)--(n:Tissue) WHERE (m.n...
I am constructing a graph in Neo4j like this. First, I create the nodes with an array property. Then I check if any two nodes have common elements between the arrays (using apoc intersection call) and if so I create a relationship between the nodes. ...
I have a bunch of nodes with unique_patients property as a list. I want to connect any two nodes through a relationship based on the non-empty intersection of this property. So far, my attempt in getting the number of intersections is as follows - MA...
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