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Hi, A java Neo4J app that has been working perfectly ok for months is suddenly failing with an unexpected exception Java heap space java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. The exception occurs when restoring Java POJOs via the OGM Session loadAll method. public ...
Hi, Using the standard java driver (org.neo4j.driver.v1.Session) i have had the LOAD CSV functionality working perfectly correctly for some time. e.g. StatementResult x ="cypher query encapsulating LOAD CSV statement"); However i now n...
Hi, I am building a java based app that collaborates with a Neo4j 3.5.14 database. It is working fine. However i now need to enhance the app to allow the app to programmatically start/stop the database and allow new databases to be created. Section 5...
The debug output from OGM parsing 6 simple classes is yielding ~167000 instances of debug messages similar to… 17:30:21.925 [main] DEBUG org.neo4j.ogm.context.GraphEntityMapper - Unable to find a matching @RelationshipEntity for (56992)-[PART_OF]->(5...
Hi, I have an object that references another object @NodeEntity public class Check { @Relationship(type="PART_OF", direction=Relationship.OUTGOING) protected CheckGroup associatedGroup = null; As the application executes the user can bind a Check in...