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Hello Everyone, I am attempting to take a list of values and add to a field, but the manual is so vague and only uses the return clause to show List & maps, but nothing on how to for instance use the SET clause to actually assign it to a field on a n...
Dear Everyone, ###### UPDATE I uninstalled the APOC and tried again and the database started. Does this help in fixing the issue / conflict? ######## UPDATE END My database is starting any of the databases in a project. When I create a new pr...
Hello Everyone, I am having an isue with Neo4j in that if I just open the Neo4j desktop and let it sit idle, it just grows the cache / harddisk file and reaches 8-9 GB, just sitting idle doing nothing. And I mean with no database active. Does anyone ...
Hello Everyone, it has now become the norm on my system that the database is unable to update. It is a hit or miss at times. Here is the message: Failed to upgrade database. Please check log files, make adjustments and try again. Just upgraded to the...
Hello Everyone, I have been searching the manual for something that would allow me to check the data type of a field. So in Python you would simply use type(), but that function in cypher is used for something else, if I read it properly. Greetings, ...