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Hi all,  I just updated my Neo4j Desktop to the most recent 1.5.0 release. Is it possible that the Restart functionality somehow got corrupted in that release? I have massive problems with it and can't recall having had the same problems before the u...
Dear Community, I am facing an interesting problem: I have a graph. A subgraph of it is copied over into a different DB (e.g. subdatabase in Neo4j) and being worked on. Now if the user wants to save his changes, these changes need to be transfered ba...
Hi everyone, I am looking into Angular and React right now for a modern frontend for my Neo4j project. What are the pros and cons for using the one or the other with Neo4j as a database? Are there any? I saw a lot of webinars / articles about Neo4j &...
Hi everyone, I just updated my database to 4.2.7. When running my software I encountered a weird problem with multiplication of numbers which is probably best explained in pictures: So, apparently there is something wrong with float values and mu...
We are hiring a Neo4j Java Developer. For the last two years, we have been developing innovative applications on Neo4j. For the new and further development of Neo4j applications, we are hiring. Location: Germany Description: Neo4j Java Developer Link...