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I'm trying to migrate to `Neo4j 5.1.0` I downloaded APOC from In the Neo4j browser, I checked the version: RETURN apoc.version() AS output;"5.1.0" Now, when I run my Cypher queries, I receive the following error...
I have the following Cypher query:   MATCH (dg:DecisionGroup {id: -2})-[rdgd:CONTAINS]->(childD:Decision:Profile ) MATCH (childD)-[:EMPLOYMENT_AS]->(root2:Employment ) WHERE IN ([1]) WITH DISTINCT childD, dg, rdgd MATCH path3=(root3:Loca...
I use: <spring-data-neo4j.version>5.3.9.RELEASE</spring-data-neo4j.version> <neo4j-ogm-core.version>3.2.34</neo4j-ogm-core.version> <neo4j-jdbc-driver.version>4.0.5</neo4j-jdbc-driver.version> <neo4j-jdbc-bolt.version>4.0.5</neo4j-jdbc-bolt.version>...
I have Profile node which may be linked to Location node via :LOCATED_IN relationship. In turn, Location represents unlimited composite structure of nested Location nodes linked with :CONTAINS relationships between them. I need to find all Profiles ...
I have the following query which works fine: @Query( "....(d)-[rdpr:CONTAINS*]->(pr) " + "RETURN count(rdpr) > 0 as c") boolean hasPermission(...); now I'd like to extend the return statement with something like this: @Query("....MATCH (d)-[...