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Hello everyone, I implemented a java application that connects to the database and applies graph data science algorithms and then projects them to a neo4j broswer. Is there a way i make the bubble(node) size of the browser to be dynamic and depend on...
Hi all, i have a dataset that holds data for 6 years. However, i want to apply a graph algorithm (community detection algorithm) in specific time periods. For example i want to apply it only on data that involves year 2013 only. The Cypher query is a...
Hey everyone, i using a java driver to query a graph database in java and get their values. I am working on transforming the data structure of the result to suitable data structure to apply my own algorithms. So i am applying a query now : "Match (n)...
Hello everyone, So my idea is to use java to query the database and obtain results, because i want to modify and create graph algorithms. I have managed to connect and apply simple queries on the database through java using the java-driver of neo4j. ...
Hello everyone, I am new in the community, i would like to ask is there a way i could modify the code of Louvain Modularity graph algorithm and apply the modified version on my neo4j query? If yes can someone provide me a reference or explain how to ...
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