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hello,  I want to compare Neo4j with RDB for the execution plan of the same query.  I executed the PROFILE clause in the browser and in cypher-shell and i prefer the output of cypher-shell, so i want to use it, but the execution plan is printed over ...
Hi, I'm Song. I'm trying to import my data to neo4j.I executed with "LOAD CSV" clause, imported 70 % of the whole data. So i run two times more the same cypher, (It was MERGE) but nothing changed. Actually my data is LARGE, about 2 billion, I found...
Hello, I’m new at Neo4j and just started studying APOC. I saw virtual nodes ( and relations?) have negative ids (in this virtual node&rels page), but when i querying apoc. graph. * procedures, the output node, and relationships have positive ids. ...
Hi, I'm new at neo4j, trying to use the graphSAGE with float list property. I'm using GDS 1.5ver, so i thought it can be work. Firstly, i tested with the example on the graphSAGE documentation. GraphSAGE - Neo4j Graph Data Science I made node and ...