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I have a graph database of personnel, and a separate CSV file containing a list of VIPs. The reason why the list of VIPs is in a standalone CSV file is because this list changes frequently, and will be updated by users not trained in Cypher. I have t...
How do I do multiple aggregations in Neo4j without repeating my MATCH query? Let's say I have a database consisting of customers, the restaurants they go to, and the record of the bills for each customer/restaurant for a particular year. Note that a ...
I would like to match a path where the end nodes share the same property value. Let me use Neo4J's classic movies dataset to illustrate my question Suppose I want to find out scenarios where a director has a working relationship with two or more acto...
I'm trying to run the Louvain method of community detection on my database to group some of my nodes into clusters. However, I kept getting different results even just by trying to sort my results. This is the result I get when I run the Louvain algo...
According to the formula for Jaro-Winkler Distance (Jaro–Winkler distance - Wikipedia), there is an adjustable scaling factor that can give more favourable ratings to strings that matches from the beginning. However, in Neo4j, the only input paramete...
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