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I have csv file on my local machine and I wish to import the tuple to the remote neo4j (well connected). How could I do that? Thanks in advance
Hi, I would like to query the event sequence in order and some of them happend together. Let's say we have a, b, c, d, e five events (e:Event {eventType, start_time, end_time}) and my excepted query result is something like [a, (abc), (ae), b, (ce)] ...
Hi, I have list of nodes with the same label (e.g :Car), there is a property call "type" (e.g SUV, Coupe, Sedan.....) which is used to differenciate the nodes, Now I would like to get the number of different types inside the list (e,g 25 SUVs, 35 Cou...
Hi, I wish to create relation for the event and match I pre-defined time period. For example, my event may be very long and contains several time periods and I wish to connect all of them, or may be very short event within a sigle time period. I wrot...
Hi, I wish to retrive all the events that happens in the same time and my idea is to find the event based on the start time and end time, I write a stupid code which is not efficient and seems a mass, therefore I would to ask if there is a smart way ...
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