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Hi all, I am trying to create a custom function for converting a Linestring to a list of [longitude, latitude] coordinates, but I am having trouble with the type definition for the input and output parameters (input and result). What am I doing wron...
Hello, I would like to use Fabric for querying across different databases. However, I am running a commercial Enterprise edition on ec2, so I do not have access to the Neo4j.conf settings through the Neo4j Desktop. How can I configure fabric as descr...
Hello, Is it possible to create a new database with a specific name via the Python-Neo4j driver? For example, executing the following Admin commands in a Python script: :USE system CREATE DATABASE dbname Thanks, Ariel
Hello, Is it possible to run APOC algorithms (e.g. Dijkstra) on a virtual (or projected) graph? For instance, using the London graph example from this blog: Create projected_graph as: CALL gds.graph.create.cypher( "projected_graph", "MATCH (n:Node) R...
Hello there, My name is Ariel and I work at WishTrip, a company located in Jerusalem, Israel. I am interested in applying graph technology in the calculation of the shortest navigation route on a geographical map. At the moment I am using Python and ...