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Hi guys,I run this cypher with a browser and its works fine. :auto MATCH (s:Person)-[r:Friend]->(t:Person) with s,t,collect(r) as rs where size(rs) > 1 call{ with rs CALL apoc.refactor.mergeRelationships(rs,{properties:{`.*`: 'discard'}}) YIELD rel ...
Hi, I use the 4.4.8 neo4j version and my database has 10M nodes and 3M relations. I want to merge nodes with same "Age" property. but below cypher does nothing, no hangs, no crash, no error and obviously no mergers  props size is 80 which means the ...
Hi, I have a database with 20 million nodes and 10 million relationships. I want to merge nodes that have the same code number property. My cypher is like this CALL apoc.periodic.iterate(" MATCH (n:Person) with distinct n.code as props return props ...
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