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Neo4j Version: 4.2.4Operating System: MacOsAPI: Cypher According to the documentation, the same path cannot contain the same relationship. Does this mean that variables of type relationship collection cannot appear in the same path matching? Relation...
I have a graph that has 80 million vertexes and 30 million edges. I need to scan all the edge data, including the ids of its starting and ending vertexes.But the performance is poor and I need to optimize it. This is my query: MATCH (v)-[e:E1]->(n)...
How should I understand the semantics of these cypher statements. Why the first and second statements have no results and the third statement outputs a line of results? neo4j@neo4j> with 3 as c1 match (v:nonexist) return count(v) as c2, c1;+---------...
query1: match p=shortestpath((a:A)-[e:E*1..3]->(b:B)) return p,size(e) AS steps query2: match p=allshortestpaths((a:A)-[e:E*1..3]->(b:B)) return p,size(e) AS steps I did some tests and they all got the same result, my expectation is that if there ar...
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