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Hello. I read the graphql doc and find there isn't exist mutation of upsert(or createOrUpdate) which is very useful in batch update, it has been implemented by Dgraph. I only find connectOrCreate which...
Hello, when I use @auth directive, the erorr will throw. When I delete it, graphql query work well. Graphql schema type User { id: ID @id username: String! @unique firstName: String! lastName: String! email: String! password: String! @private ...
Hello, when I dump the database in Neo4j Desktop, the error accour. Failed to dump 'neo4j' from Graph DBMS The following logs may help you diagnose the issue:* Desktop logs Neo4j DBMS logs [2022-02-17 15:55:07.980] [error] Selecting JVM - Version:1...
Hello, when I run a deep link in chrome browser, Neo4j give this error. I have run Neo4j Desktop as "Administrator" in windows 10. An error occurred while processing deep link: Invalid URL: --allow-file-access-from-files My link in chrome browser ...
Hello, I find this very hard for me to understand UNWIND, I find the UNWIND even change the value of a variable define before it(here is variable 'm'). query1: MATCH (m:Movie) RETURN m resut1: ╒═════════════════════════════════════════════════════...
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