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Hello all, I am looking for a way to get a label as a string from my user AND use the label optimization in my query (rather than have the engine go for a full DB scan). 2 ways I have found so far of doing so (I'll use the WITH keyword to simulate us...
Hi, Say I have : MATCH p = (:Organization)-[*0..1]->(:Group)-[*0..1]->(:User) RETURN p I would like to show all paths of the form Organization->Group->User, but if some suffix of the path is missing, for example Organization->Group or only Organizat...
Hi, Looking at the Native Projection section on Neo4j Documentation, I have seen this example: // will use nodes projected as 'Person' or 'City' in 'myGraph' CALL gds.pageRank.stats('myGraph', {nodeLabels: ['Person', 'City']}) What is the correct sy...
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