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I am new to cypher-shell and haven't completely familiarized myself with how it works. How would I go about to clear the cypher screen? I am using windows and 'cls' or 'clear' and it isn't working(unrecognized commands).
In the database when opened with neo4j browser, I have noticed that for every node that is created in the database, it is assigned with a property "identity". I want to know if this "identity" property can be queried upon and if so, how.
Hello, Say I am returning a map(document) of which I want to specify some properties to be left out of the returned data. Is it possible to only leave those properties out or do we have to know what properties we want beforehand?
In question 2, we are given this query MATCH (a:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie) (m)<-[:WROTE]-(w:Person) WHERE m.released > 2005 RETURN, m.title, m.released, where we have to correct it. Its a multiple choice question of which two...
In exercise 3.2, we have to retrieve all people who have written "other" movies, i.e movies other than one with the 'title' - Speed Racer I'm trying something like MATCH (p:Person)-[not :WROTE]->(:Movie {title:"Speed Racer"}) return p but its not wor...