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User Activity GraphQL Authorization And Middleware | GRANDstack This guide discusses some of the ways to address authentication and authorization when using `neo4j-graphql-js` and will evolve as new auth-specific feature...
my schema: const schema = makeAugmentedSchema({ typeDefs, resolvers: resolveFunctions, config: { auth: { isAuthenticated: true, hasRole: true }, mutation: { exclude: ["AddUserTic...
MATCH (p:Project{id:"p1test"})<-[r1:TICKET]-(:Ticket) MATCH (u:User{id:"user1test"}) WITH u, COUNT(r1) + 1 AS issNo, p CREATE (p)<-[rel:TICKET]-(t: Ticket {id:apoc.create.uuid(), title:"T1", hourEstimate:9, desc:"hELLO", done:false, issueNumber: issN...
how to see generated cypher for graphql schema? Using the neo4j-graphql-js library, it is apparently possible to log out the generated cypher statements with an environment variable: DEBUG=neo4j-graphql-js node yourcode.js GitHub ...
is it possible to return an object of objects (each key containing an object)? what I want to achieve: { a1 : { name: "bob", age: 45 }, a2 : { name: "toby", age: 27 } } or [ a1 : { name: "bob", age: 45 }, a2 : { name: "toby", ag...