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Technical Discussions

Load v3.5.3 dump file into v5.4.0

Hi, I am trying to load a v3.5.3 dump file into a v.5.4.0 db. After overcoming many hurdles, I get to this.    Failed to load database 'dbname': Can not read store version of database dbnameLoad failed for databases: 'dbname' Any help you can give me...

Using Relationship Properties to Filter Other Nodes

Hello, I would like to get the beehive's thoughts on this topic. I have a pretty dense graph consisting of 700,000 nodes and 14,000,000 relationships. We also spent months refactoring the graph data model so now we have something that works and is ef...

carib by Graph Buddy
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Crash when apoc.import.file.enabled=true in Neo4j 5.x

Does anyone encounter crashes in Neo4j 5.x (1, 2, 3, 4) while defining at the configuration file the apoc.import.file.enabled=true? (Neo4j Desktop - APOC plugin installed successfully) Of course in Neo4j 4.x everything works properly. It's also worth...

damisg7 by Node Clone
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No properties on virtual nodes

Been following the presentation of Lju Lazarevic Original: You can see that the label of the returned node is displayed ("Person") But when I do the same, on mine, this is not displayed for any node resulting fro...

Resolved! NeoDash Display images

Hi, I can't figure out to display images in a Neodash report.This is a simple query which looks up the logo ("mark") of people in my database: MATCH (p:Producer)-[r:HAS_NAME_VARIANT]->(n:Name) WHERE n.Name = $neodash_name_name OPTIONAL MATCH (p)-[r2:...

guido by Graph Buddy
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Resolved! UNWIND makes no sense to me

While this is a completely pointless query, it does illustrate the point I am confused about. Consider the following pointless query: MATCH p=(tom:Person {name:"Tom Hanks"})-[:ACTED_IN*2]-(:Person) UNWIND [n IN nodes(p) WHERE = 'Bill Paxton'] ...

Resolved! Exclude some labels from nodes list of a path

Hello I am using cypher below to find name of nodes from A to B, and attach the id of path to them. MATCH p = (n1:A)-[*]->(n2:B) WHERE not(exists((n2)-[]->(:B))) UNWIND nodes(p) AS n3 RETURN,, reduce(x = '0', y IN nodes(p) | x + '_' +...

billxu by Node
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Golang driver version

When I do go get, I end up with the following in by go.mod file. v1.8.3 I would expect to get version v5 of the driver. I can't figure anyway to get the latest driver in my pro...

Query taking a very long time to create relationships

I am running following query. LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///records.csv' AS freqmatch f:sFreq) where f.slfreq=freq.frmatch (d:Date) where (fr)-[r:STATISTICS_ON]->(d)I created index with followng two queries--- CREATE ...

vnagpure by Node Link
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how to import dump into existing remote DBMS

Hi there, I am using Neo4j Desktop. I have got a remote database named "Remote DBMS" as shown in the photo. I want to import dump into existing remote DBMS. You can see the dump file is named "dbms-neo4j-Dec-13-2022-10-12-01.dump" in the screenshot. ...

jcct100 by Node Clone
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