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Pass data from Flask Server to Neo4j Graph

Hi, I have am using Segment (customer data platform) to collect consumer behavior data which is then being forwarded to a Flask Server in json format.  If I wanted to take that data and then forward it to a neo4j graph as it comes in, what would be t...

hlow by Node Link
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Real time recommendations using Link Prediction?

Hi Neo4j Community, I'm interested in using link prediction in GDS to power real-time product recommendations. Can link prediction in GDS be used for real-time recommendations? Or is executing it too slow? What kind of computational complexity is lin...

Support for sh:message in neosemantics

Hello, as the output of neosemantics is quite hard to read for non-technical people, I'd love tosee  support for the sh:message within neosemantics. I also opened an issue on GitHub to demonstrate the usefulness (

OGM fixed delay of 1sec.

Hi to All, I recently tried to adopt Neo4j as a DBMS for a "typical" 3-tier architecture in Java, adopting the OGM library (vers. 3.2.36). In first place, I want to outline that the project adopts the JEE stack, with JAX-RS for realizing REST service...

Samuele by Visitor
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Connection failed with .Net app

I am implementing the example in Neo4j .NET course and I got this exception here  public static async Task InitDriverAsync(string uri, string username, string password){_driver = GraphDatabase.Driver(uri, AuthTokens.Basic(username, password));await _...

Import date from postgresql to neo4j

I am trying to import data from my local PostgreSQL database to neo4j: Database:graph-test Schema: os Table: operating_systems Firstly, I load the JDBC driver into the memory CALL apoc.load.driver("org.postgresql.Driver") Then, I run this query to i...

Connection Refused

I have been using Neo4j on a ubuntu server for months, but I downloaded the dependencies for apoc.mongodb a few days ago, then restarted Neo4j following the instructions here. I no longer can connect to Neo4j since I did this! I tried the browser and...

TK36 by Node Link
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Mapping nodes to their respective embedded vectors

Hi, I have uploaded a adjacency matrix into neo4j and used node2vec to get the embedded vectors.I intend to use this on a machine learning classification problem where I have to add the output class as the last column to this embedded vectors,but I a...

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