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Restart Functionality seems broken for Update 1.5.0 of Neo4j Desktop

Hi all, 
I just updated my Neo4j Desktop to the most recent 1.5.0 release. Is it possible that the Restart functionality somehow got corrupted in that release? I have massive problems with it and can't recall having had the same problems before the update.
The problem:
When restarting Neo4j Desktop always ends up throwing the following dialogue

After canceling the above prompt, the error 


appears but (!) together with the notification


When looking at the database again, it seems (!) to have stopped (is not active anymore) but if I start the database again, it becomes visible that the database had actually never stopped since the changes (in this case the noticing of the APOC plugin installation) are not taken into account. In my example, I am not able to call any APOC procedure. I always need to STOP and START the DB for my changes to work. 

Some easy-to-recreate examples on how to test it / get to the above problem:
1. Create a new database. Start the database. Install the APOC plugin. Now use the round arrow (elena_kohlwey_1-1665502580790.png) next to the Stop button to restart the database.

2. Create a new database. Start the database. Go to the settings. Change anything in the settings. Click "Apply" and "Restart Now".



I also noticed that if you get a "crash" when wanting to restart a db, you will get a problem starting any OTHER database than the one you wanted to restart. The only db you can then actually start normally (without getting the conflict prompt) is the one that you originally wanted to restart which seems to be stopped but actually isn't. Confusing.


Hi @elena_kohlwey 

I have seen the same error with Restart on Neo4j Desktop 1.5.0 on my Mac.

1. Create a new database. Start the database. Click "Restart Now".
Neo4j 4.4.11
Neo4j 4.4.11 + APOC

Stop > Start is the solution this problem 🙂

Hi @koji,

good to know you have the same problem. "Stop > Start" is the workaround but I guess Neo4j would like to know if there is a problem with a functionality and would also want to fix it.

Hi @elena_kohlwey 

I don't think this issue existed prior to 1.5.0, so I too hope it will be fixed.