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Start-up seeks collaborator or mentor


I'm a co-founder of an early stage start-up in Pittsburgh. We're working toward an MVP on an app that will utilize Graph Databases in Cypher.

Our engineer is brilliant but he is new to Neo4J. Although he is figuring it out, he is also humble enough to know that there are others who are much more proficient than he is. We'd like to find someone with a mentoring spirit who is willing to spend up to 2-3 hours per week for 3-4 weeks to collaborate with Josh to help improve his proficiency and expedite the learning curve in order to hit our (self-imposed) deadlines.

Please let me know if you are open to considering this opportunity. Everyone's time and knowledge is valuable so we are able to pay commensurate with skill and level of involvement.

Thanks for any time and consideration - the courtesy is much appreciated.


Graph Steward

Sure. I'd be happy to collaborate!


Thanks, Clem! Very much appreciate your willingness to help!

Graph Voyager

Sounds like you've already got some help from Clem who is very active on this board, but if you need further assistance feel free to get in touch, I'm on the Neo4j Slack server @Terry Franklin

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