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KnowledgeBase - A Collaborative Semantic Search Engine



I'm Cuneyt and recently moved my app 'Knowledge Base' to Neo4j. I created a Wikimedia Project Proposal for it here :

How I use Neo4j is that I imported Wikidata and Dbpedia to Neo4j as they have highly Graph structure. What I want is to make Knowledge Base a community project that it evolves collaboratively with users inputs. It's a Social Network of Knowledge. While you can enjoy what subjects people you follow are interested in, you can also enter 'properties' to entities for making 'exact' semantic search possible.

Wikidata and Dbpedia has been extracting structured data from non-structured texts for years. But this is not enough. Even now, with the improved NLP, some certain properties left void. Here comes the role of humans as providers.

I'm also thinking about extracting data from various sources and present those properties as 'candidates' so that user can validate them.

In the end, I'd like to open this data to semantic web. With the enrichment of these data, queries like 'list of middle eastern instruments' can give exact results. With the current gap, for example there are instruments with no property identifying it's origin(country). So we need this kind of data.

If you're interested just signup on and I'll notify you about changes. 

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