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Immortalizing WikiWikiWeb


Hey there! I have converted the markup of the long-lost WikiWikiWeb to markdown, and built a website around this. In inspiration of the oft-discussed 'VisualTour', which lets you look at the immediate network of the page you are looking at, I am building a graph of the site in Neo4J.

Actually, I am quite done. Priority right now is to find a way to explore the database within the site, and ask questions of the data. I am seeing performance concerns with respect to rendering the 30 000+ nodes 300 000+ connections. If you have any ideas on how to proceed, or directions, then I am all ears.

I apologize if the search is down, it's currently hosted on a friend of mine's server, which don't have the best uptime guarantees.

You can view the source on GitLab.

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