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How to Contact your Neo4j account representative for a license activation key to use the Bloom server plugin

Node Clone

Hi, I’m a student who is doing research with Neo4j. My questions are shown below:

  1. I can’t find Bloom in my Neo4j Desktop 1.2.8 within Neo4j 4.0.4. I can only get access to Bloom via development mode.

  2. I tried to open Neo4j Bloom on chrome, but it says You do not have permissions for Neo4j Bloom. Please contact your system administrator for access.

I would like to use Neo4j bloom on both Neo4j Desktop and Web and I’m willing to pay for the activation key. Could anyone help with that?



Graph Buddy

Hello and welcome
Have you heard of Neo4j Startup program? If your work situation makes you eligible, you can get a free license to Bloom. Go here for more information:

My company is part of Neo4j startup program, and we got 3 keys in the acceptance email : 1) a license for Neo4j Enterprise ; 2) Bloom license key ; 3) Desktop activation key.

But what about the "activation key file " for the Bloom server component, as mentioned in ?

We never received any file. Is that the same thing as the "Bloom license key"? So, we just put that into a file? Isn't that a license for the CLIENT? Is it the same as the Bloom license for the SERVER plugin? Hugely confused!

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