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Halin v0.9.0 is now available! (The Winding Stair release)


A new version has just been released, installable via your friendly neighborhood graph app gallery, or directly runnable at

Here's a mini-tweetstorm describing what's new, with screenshots.

Happy graph hacking


Graph Fellow

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Node Clone

Hi! And many thanks for this very useful app.

But my Neo4j Desktop (1.2.0) doesn't want to install Halin now.
The link provided in the gallery is:
And the Halin version noticed at this page is the 0.0.6:

"name" : "halin",
      "description" : "Halin helps you monitor and improve your Neo4j graph",
      "version" : "0.0.6",

On the desktop, this is the encoutered issue:

installation failed Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users\sroussy\.Neo4jDesktop\graphApps\halin\reports\2018-12-19T21:16:18-f2412f75-971e-4aa3-8bbb-f7680d48b331.json'

And, later:

Uncaught (in promise) undefined

Did I do something wrong?

You have the right jfrog link. That isn't a link to Halin directly, that is a link to a repository of javascript packages. If you look through the file behind that link, you'll find that it has complete details on every version of halin ever published. As of this writing, the latest is 0.11.

There was a minor packaging problem. I just put out a release version 0.11.1. Can you please try removing halin from Neo4j Desktop (go the graphapps pane, trashcan icon) and then re-install? You can reinstall either from that link you have, or you can click "Discover more graphapps" at the bottom of the graph apps tab and install Halin by clicking the link there, either way it's the same thing.

Let me know if this works and please confirm you pick up 0.11.1

It works!
Thank you very much for your quick reponse.

Have a nice day!


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