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I am working on an open data, open source project for which I need a collaborator. The project entails determining whether, and in what ways, graph visualizations could assist physicians and pharmacists in recommending alternative drugs when there are drug-food and drug-drug interactions. This resembles a recommendation engine for recipes. But one where the data entails millions of rows of interactions, and involves the National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings (NLM MeSH), a remarkable little world in itself.

The model I have developed is not at all good enough, and I need someone to improve it. I am using R (my preferred platform but with a broken neo4j connector), Python (with a really good neo4j connector but inferior to R in its dataframe handling), and native Neo4j (with its remarkably convoluted documentation which needs a complete redo), where I am struggling with complex queries. This project does not yet have a github site.

The big opportunity for collaboration lies in the visualization, which is pretty much new territory. This project has no intention of commercialization. I am a retired physical scientist having worked in the general area of pharmaceutical clinical trials for a quarter-century. You can see some of my work at 

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