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Graph & CRM

Hi, as sales person I was always wondering how to display all the fine relationship that exists or develop over time when you deal with customers. Who know whom, who buys what, what lead came from where aso aso aso - lots of data. A RMDB was very eas...

marcus by Node
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Neo4j Datashare connector

ICIJ has released Datashare, I believe a connection to Neo4j would add value as it provides insight in the patterns of the data extracted by DataShare I would love to exploit the possibilities of such integration and seeking for collaborators to join...

[Global GraphHack]Neo4j Scraper Procedures

I had this idea to do web scraping from cypher. What do you think? My insights: It needs a bit more time to make proper tests, and use proper mockingIt would be ...

szenyo by Node Clone
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Looking for collaborators

I’am looking for someone to work with and to develop an integrated compliance solution (hobby project) whereby docs either are scanned/indexed or directly retrieved from the web and brought into neo4j Any suggestions are welcome Cheers Arthur

Typed Cypher in F#

A computation expression that very closely matches the standard Cypher syntax and allows typed Cypher queries in F#. GitHub pauldorehill/FSharp.Data.Cypher Cypher queries in F#. Contribute to pauldorehill/FSharp.Data.Cyp...