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[Global GraphHack] Meetup Mixer

Steve Petrie, Sarah Staab, @schuberthanalytics , and @nsmith_piano created Meetup Mixer to introduce graphs and Neo4j to members of our local community. When new members come to the The Kansas City Graph Databa...

[Global GraphHack] Graphsplaining

With the help of @mckenzma and @mdfrenchman, I am happy to present Graphsplaining - your all-in-one solution to optimizing your graph. By evaluating your current graph and queries, Graphsplain will 'splain ways to help make your graph faster, strong...

Codex: an atlas of relations

The Codex is a digital humanities project that deeply integrates text and data. It includes a new kind of text editor that supports freely overlapping annotations (and more) which are converted into entities in the Neo4j meta-model database. Google's...

Settlers of Catan

Hi everyone! Just for fun I started building Settlers of Catan in Neo4j because why not. So far I only have cypher commands starting to build the components. Not sure where this will go, but figure I would share it here. Maybe we can make a playable ...