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Tips regrading GDB design

Hi All I am a PhD student @ BGU and looking for tips you discovered through experience for graph database design. More specifically - Let's say that I have a graph for my data. I need tips to make sure my design is fitting to my requirements - if i ...

Neo4j Docker Images

Hello. Here's a question: Is it allowed and/or encouraged to publish pre-populated Neo4j docker images so that folks can try your Neo4j-related open source project? Community version? If yes, is there any license or legal terms that should be include...

Neo4j NodeJS OGM

Hello there! I've been looking for a way to use neo4j in a NodeJS application that I was doing and I ended up not finding any "lib" that fit my project, with this I started a OGM. The idea is to bring the use of OGMs closer than we are used to with o...

natamvo by Node Link
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Neode - Object Graph Mapper for Node JS

Neode is a Neo4j OGM for Node JS designed to take care of the CRUD boilerplate involved with setting up a neo4j project. The idea is to reduce the amount of code it takes to start a Neo4j project in with node. Just set up your models, create a Neod...

Patient Journey Model Template

Hi fellow Graphitas, I am working on a project at work for finding insights from patient clinical data. I am new to graphs and Neo4j and was wondering if anyone knows of a template for patient journey data that would help me get jumpstarted, eg. how...

Graphs4Good GraphHack Projects Re-Cap~

Here is the blog post that highlights all of our amazing Graphs4Good GraphHack projects! Thank you to all of our community members who took the time out to work on something positive. These projects don't end here, if you're interested in getting inv...

Knowledge Graph To The Rescue Covid-19

Knowledge Graph To The Rescue Corvid-19 This Repository will be used to maintain/ aware people about KG for Covid-19 Currently, I'm working with team where we have multiple projects. My target is to make a Semantic Query Engine backed with Knowledge ...

Crisis resource sharing platform

Resources share and donations at a crisis time is important but difficult to coordinate, the aim of this matchmaker platform is to help donators, fundraiser seekers and voluntaries to find what they need in a geo localized, fast and decentralized pla...

AssertJ-Neo4j contributions welcome!

AssertJ is a set of projects aiming at easing test assertions in Java. One module I started is AssertJ-Neo4j, which provides assertions tailored for Neo4j Java APIs. If you are interested in contributing to the Neo4j ecosystem, AssertJ-Neo4j is an id...

Elasticsearch plugin for Neo4j

Hey there, I created a new ElasticSearch plugin for Neo4j, you can find it here : In fact it's an evolution of the project, with some additions : E...

sim51 by Node Link
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