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Stateful conversation graph

Create a statefulness between a conversation Link the conversation with a context and build a graph database The example of the conversation is: What is the covid status? How many are hospitalized in Bangalore? What is the recovery rate? When ...

Immortalizing WikiWikiWeb

Hey there! I have converted the markup of the long-lost WikiWikiWeb to markdown, and built a website around this. In inspiration of the oft-discussed 'VisualTour', which lets you look at the immediate network of the page you are looking at, I am buil...

m_klei by Node
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Customer De Duplication using Neo4j

Hi For digital customer 360, I started a Neo4j project to detect a possible duplication of the customer entity. You can reach out for more information here. Or if you did the same I would love to hear about it. Thanks Tal

(relaunch) UK company and officer data neo DB access

(this is an update to a previous topic UK company and officer data neo DB access - anyone interested? was fiddly to edit that, so have started afresh) We are on the neo4j start-up program with our R!SK Hunter project, developing data assets to help w...

mike by Graph Buddy
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Research topic [Neo4j, recommendation system]

Hello! I'm a graduate student and want to write a master's thesis on using Neo4j to create a recommendation system, but I can't decide on a specific topic. What topics do you think will be relevant to my research? I would be extremely grateful if you...

CDISC and Neo4j

Are there any folks experienced in CDISC clinical data standards and Neo4j? We're kicking off a graphy POC project within my organisation in regards to processing clinical trials data in the graph. Looking for potential collaboration (both open-sourc...

An expression-session-store for Neo4j

Hi everyone. I wrote a session store for neo4j and express-session. You can use it with npm install neo4j-session-store The use case is here that you want a web session store on Neo4j, for example because you only want to have one database in your a...

jan1 by Node
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From Neo4j graph to Virtual Reality concept map

TITLE: From Neo4j graph to Virtual Reality concept map. I love Graph Theory and VR, I’ve been using Neo4j since March 2020 and Oculus Rift from march 2019. The first thing I did in Neo4j is the graphdb for my non-profit association: a...