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Managing Digital Mockups with GraphDB neo4j

Hi, I did some google without success. I am trying to figure out which would be the best way to build a graphDB to handle a physical product structure (digital mockup). I am sure there must be some literature already writen regarding this topic. Any ...

pblgmz by Node
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Gram graph exchange format

Gram is a textual format for data graphs, inspired by Cypher and extended to anticipate the greater expressiveness of GQL. gram.js gram.js Gram is a textual format for data graphs. Named values ...

abk by Neo4j
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Neo4j vs MySQL - Data streaming with Python

As the first project in the Neo4j is streaming data from MySQL to the graph in real-time as soon as possible. The solution that I decided to implement the project is using Python libraries including PyMySQL Replication and PyNeo. PyMySQL Replication...

Inception of Neo4j Working Group

Hello friends, The Neo4j community team is migrating to an open collaboration called the "Neo4j Community Working Group" where all plans and activity will be publicly reviewable and contributable. Essentially we're moving all our Google docs to markd...

abk by Neo4j
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Start-up seeks collaborator or mentor

I'm a co-founder of an early stage start-up in Pittsburgh. We're working toward an MVP on an app that will utilize Graph Databases in Cypher. Our engineer is brilliant but he is new to Neo4J. Although he is figuring it out, he is also humble enough t...

How primefaces can connect to the neo4j?

May i know how primefaces can connect to the neo4j? currently my project is using primefaces + spring and I want to connect it to the neo4j, but don't know how to achieve that. can someone help me atleast explain how to achieve that. thanks

Query Log Analyzer 1.0.2 is released

Hi, I released a new version of the query log analyzer. In this version the following new features are added: Change query log configuration (dynamic settings)Stream the current query.log entries directly from the server (v3.5+, apoc required)Filter ...

Accounting Model with General Ledger

Hi Guys, I'm trying to come up with a model to store Accounting Data in Neo4J or any graph database, Below is a primitive sketch of what I have in mind, the main issue with the accounting world is not many developers are expert in this domain to desi...

mc1 by Node
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Advent of code 2020 with Cypher

Hi ! This week I started solving some advent of code 2020 puzzles using Cypher. It's amazing to see how Neo4j can solve some of them in a very efficient way! This is mainly an exercise to practice my Cypher (and APOC) skills, and I'd be happy to shar...