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Graphs and the abstraction of geography

A project related to voting patterns in NC USA. There are 100 counties in NC and each has a board of commissioners composed of a very small number (five to nine) of elected persons. Interest has arisen in some chapters of CodeForAmerica (such as (Cod...

Exploring approaches to Graphs + Machine Learning

Hi, Thanks Karin for welcoming me to the community! My name's David, I'm the co-founder of, a research project into new approaches to machine learning on graphs. My background is from running a tech startup ( SketchDeck) and study...

david1 by Node Link
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JCypher 4.1.0 has been released

Hi everybody, JCypher 4.1.0 has been released. New in this release: Collections in the Query API are now aware of their component type This allows expressions like: WHERE.valueOf(path.relations().last().type()).EQUALS("Some_Type") or: WHERE.has(p...

GraphX / Mazerunner

Hi! What is the status of Mazerunner? It hasn't had any changes in a very long time. Is it superceded by something else? I'm very interested in leveraging Spark GraphX to process subgraphs.

clark by Node
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Graphileon - Your App is a Graph

Graphileon is a platform to build applications that are, as we call it, graphy . This means that applications are built using graphs : (:Function)-[:TRIGGER]->(:Function) Functions Functions are the building blocks of any Graphileon application. We...

Resolved! Tracking Legislative Conflicts with Neo4j

Greetings everyone, just wanted to share how I am currently utilizing Neo4j. At the Indiana General Assembly, legislators create proposed legislation called Bills. These Bills target the Indiana Code (Indiana Law). The Indiana code is a hierarchic...

vkarmo by Node Link
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Neo4j Bolt driver wrapper for Angular

Let me introduce the module I created for using Neo4j Bolt driver for JavaScript from the Angular application. A special browser version of the driver supports connecting to Neo4j over WebSockets. On GitHub...

webmaxru by Node Link
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Graph Theory with Neo4j

This workshop was inspired by the book Introduction to Graph Theory by Richard J. Trudeau. The challenge is to implement graph theory concepts using pure Neo4j Cypher query language, without the help of any libraries such as Awesome Procedures On Cyp...