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Use ChatGPT to Query Your Neo4j Database

I've played around with ChatGPT over the weekend evaluating how well it performed as a Neo4j  interface, where ChatGPT would be used to generate Cypher statements. I'm sharing the experience in my latest blog post.

How Cypher changed in Neo4j v5

Planning to upgrade to Neo4j 5? I have written a blog post to help you upgrade the Cypher queries to the latest syntax and ensure a smooth Neo4j upgrade process.    

Simple Neo4J Aura logs reader

Hi, I just wanted to share a small utility I developed to save time when looking at Neo4j #Aura logs It's fully in the Browser no data is sent. (quick and dirty, but it works fine for us)

Error GDS pipeline link prediction

Hi there, I hope someone can help me with the following error I have. I'm trying to follow the link prediction example from the GDS documentation, but I'm not able to add node properties. This is the code I'm trying to run: CALL gds.beta.pipeline.lin...

New Project Template for .NET

New Neo4j Project template published. The project has all the projects that a complete solution needs with unit and integration tests.