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Collaborator sought

I am working on an open data, open source project for which I need a collaborator. The project entails determining whether, and in what ways, graph visualizations could assist physicians and pharmacists in recommending alternative drugs when there ar...

Neo4j Project in Humanities

I am proud to share with the community members that I submitted my DFG (Deutsche Forshungsgemeindschaft) application at the Free University Berlin. In the project Graph Database Analysis of the Trans-Adriatic Trade Records in the Kabužić Brothers’ Le...

Resolved! Doubt in architecture of my database

Good morning,I am creating an application in which I will have several nodes connected to a main node: to which I want to put a label: Language. This language type node will have a field [ name: English ] and it can be activated or deactivated in the...

dairon by Ninja
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Spring Data Neo4j Relationships gets overridden

I already posted this question on stackoverflow but didn't get any response yet. have a main entity and it has a relationship with 4 other children.On the sa...

I'd like to connect a neo4j database to a simple minimalistic website where you can create objects, properties and connections simply and intuitively, (likely in a tabular format)

Like the title says, I'd like to create a site from which you can create objects, properties and connections to other objects, and store them in a neo4j database, creating a semantic web. Does anyone know how to do this?