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Anyone looking for collaborators and help with their Neo4j project?

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Hi everyone,


The Neo4j community is great and I love being part of it. I was wondering if anyone is looking for someone to help with their Neo4j project as I am keen to get some more hands-on experience with Neo4j apart from my research on graph databases as a PhD student.

My skill level with Neo4j could be described as follows. I am confident with import and export (CSV, JSON, dump) and using graph data science libraries (PageRank, Link Prediction, etc) and basic queries. I am knowledgable using the Python Driver and using Python and Neo4j I created a little app using a toy example of a social network adding nodes, displaying the graph, performing PageRank Algorithm, etc.

If anyone is interested in collaborations feel free to have a look at my Linkedin ( and browse through my Github (

If you have any suggestions / forums where to look for collaborations with others or where people might need a hand with Neo4j I am super interested and happy to hear about it.

Looking forward to hear from you and happy to help you with your project.






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Hi Philipp,

it is always nice to hear that people are ready to cooperate. I wish you a lot of success with networking!
I am interested in historical social network analyses and I have limited technical experience. I plan to write several papers to investigate the medieval urban past and publish them in international journals.

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Hi. I am working on drug-drug and drug-food interactions, using the National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings (NLM MeSH), which is open data, along with the DrugBank ( database (about 2MM lines) via an academic license. My intention is to assess whether I can use Neo4j to visualize interactions and alternatives to particular drugs. I am starting by determining to what extent a Neo4j realization can replicate the results already on the public-facing DrugBank site. I have strung together somewhat of a kludge. Data prep in R, Neo4j database, Python connector to handle the queries I cannot figure out how to write in Cypher. 

I am a retired physical scientist (PhD UCLA nuclear physics 1964) having spent most of my career in the pharmaceutical industry, so I am familiar with subject matter. Working out how to get Jaccard indexes natively in Cypher (desktop Neo4j) is not going so well. Could really use help with review of database design, and construction of queries, as well as the more profound issue of useful visualizations. My work is open source, open data. No Git repo at present but all code is available.

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Hi @pska742,
Great offer!
As a Board Member of the Antwerp Bibliophile Society, I am putting together an online database of the printing industry in the city of Antwerp through the ages.
Originally I built an OpenOffice database with data on some 3,700 producers (and 1,000s more to come) and I am transfering everything into Neo4j.
Although I have 30+ years of experience in the front-end of database management, Cypher is new to me so I am glad that I can make use of user-friendly interfaces like Neodash and Importer. On the other hand, both -understandably- have their limitations, so I am struggling much more with Cypher coding than I would like to. I get quite far with my CPTE-method (copy-paste-trial-error) but I sometimes get stuck with challenges that I cannot solve on my own. Btw, they are related mostly to representation and not (yet) so much to data analysis.
A "buddy" who could lend me (a few) helping hand(s) from time to time would be fantastic!
Is this something you would be interested in?

Graph Buddy

Hi Philipp,
not sure the tag @pska752 worked in the original message (see above), so 2nd try...|


All amazing projects, @guido @cassiodorus are you still working activly on these big projects?

These last weeks I wanted to start a group of active project owner / dev, financed or not, so they can meet once a week or more with other projects owner / dev in a google meet or zoom or whatever they want.

sounds interesting... what would be the goal of the meetings?

Simply exchange our knowledge and experience of Neo4j regarding the problems we are facing in each of our projects. It gives us the opportunity to have some answers right away live when possible.

Community is great, but text doesn't always fix everything.

Okay. Always in for now opportunities. Count me in!

Happy to participate.


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Hi all,

Apologies for the late reply, it has been a crazy few weeks.

All the projects sound amazing and once I am done with my upcoming paper submission for my PhD I will have a thorough look and get in contact with you.



Fine with me. Good luck with the deadline stress! Guido

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Nice to hear that. I am trying to learn NEO4J just to start an application to manage and control the stock, share, person and company.

Each company have a unique code for stock like AAPL for Apple inc. It also need a number of share it has and the person who is the CEO of the company and maybe he or she will hold number of share of Apple inc.

Apple inc also have a related company and it may have child company..... So on and so on.
I start thinking that, the relationship is so complicated if i Use SQL server so I start learning NEO4J.
Do you know the sample database to manage it. I have search google by keyword "stock" but I found Inventory Management System to manage stock, product not for my purpose.

THanks for your help.