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Ninjas Program
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The Neo4j Ninjas program recognizes community experts who contribute to the spread of graph knowledge. Ninjas are masters of their art, examining relationships in data and building intelligent applications and workflows. By sharing their expertise with peers, they enable others to succeed with graph technologies.


They contribute:

  • Technical articles and blogs
  • Presentations at conferences and meetups
  • Github projects
  • Interviews in community podcasts
  • Forums answers at Neo4j community and StackOverflow

    Benefits and Perks

  • Exclusive monthly calls with experts
  • Provide feedback on products and community
  • VIP experience at Neo4j events
  • Invitation to Ninja gatherings
  • Exclusive Ninja giveaways
  • Featured on the community website.

  • Nominate a Ninja

    You can nominate anyone to become a Ninja- including yourself! Your submission should mention the candidate’s past contributions and their contribution plan for the coming year. Submit a nomination here

    Eligibility criteria:

  • Solid expertise in Graph, including any additional experience in applications, data science, data-related subjects, Cloud and more.
  • Contributions to the Neo4j community: speaking at events, publishing content, mentoring peers and more.
  •  A knack for helping others with compassion, humility and clear communication

  • If you were previously a Ninja, and lost your status - and wish to be reinstated as a Neo4j Ninja - just send us an email

    Meet the Neo4j Ninjas!

    Identify them everywhere with the Ninja icon

    Koji Annoura - NINJA

    Koji Annoura

    Maxime Guery - NINJA

    Maxime Guery

    Elena Kohlwey - NINJA

    Elena Kohlwey

    Ron Weverwijk - NINJA

    Ron Weverwijk

    Arthur Namias de Crasto - NINJA

    Arthur Namias de Crasto

    Michael McKenzie - ACE

    Michael McKenzie

    Estelle Scifo - NINJA

    Estelle Scifo

    Eric Solender - NINJA

    Eric Solender

    Ghlen Nagels - NINJA

    Ghlen Nagels

    Adityendra Kumar Singh - NINJA

    Adityendra Kumar Singh

    Henock_Tshibanda - NINJA

    Henock Tshibanda

    Gabriel Tardif - NINJA

    Gabriel Tardif

    Robert Piombino - NINJA

    Robert Piombino

    Michael	Black- NINJA

    Michael Black

    Sanjay Singh - NINJA

    Sanjay Singh

    Cong Liu - NINJA

    Cong Liu

    Niklas_Saers - NINJA

    Niklas Saers

    Luis Eduardo Almazan - NINJA

    Luis Eduardo Almazan

    Gal Engelberg - NINJA

    Gal Engelberg

    Grant Beasley - NINJA

    Grant Beasley

    Ashleigh Faith- NINJA

    Ashleigh Faith

    Sixing Huang - NINJA

    Sixing Huang

    Philipp Brunenberg - NINJA

    Philipp Brunenberg

    Siraj Munir

    Siraj Munir

    Gary Lilienfield - NINJA

    Gary Lilienfield

    Sebastian Daschner- NINJA

    Sebastian Daschner

    Astrid Mochtarram - NINJA

    Astrid Mochtarram

    Jan Zak- NINJA

    Jan Zak

    Mehul Gupta- NINJA

    Mehul Gupta

    Alejandro Puerto - NINJA

    Alejandro Puerto

    Sean Robinson - NINJA

    Sean Robinson

    Tawanda Ewing - NINJA

    Tawanda Ewing

    Justin Napolitano - NINJA

    Justin Napolitano

    Djordje Benn Maksimovic - NINJA

    Djordje Benn Maksimovic

    Fatjan Lala - NINJA

    Fatjan Lala

    Ido Faran - NINJA

    Ido Faran

    Olga Kogan - NINJA

    Olga Kogan

    Nikita Wootten - NINJA

    Nikita Wootten

    Mark Heckler - NINJA

    Mark Heckler

    Donovan Bergin - NINJA

    Donovan Bergin

    Filippo Minutella - NINJA

    Filippo Minutella

    Trinette Brownhill - NINJA

    Trinette Brownhill

    Zihao Zhang - NINJA

    Zihao Zhang

    Mananai Saengsuwan - NINJA

    Mananai Saengsuwan

    Frank Zhao - NINJA

    Frank Zhao

    Jamie Gaskins - NINJA

    Jamie Gaskins

    Drabo Constantin - NINJA

    Drabo Constantin

    Sefik Ilkin Serengil  - NINJA

    Sefik Ilkin Serengil

    Cuneyt_Tyler - NINJA

    Cüneyt Tyler

    Roei_Levi - NINJA

    Roei Levi

    Tomaz Bratanic - NINJA

    Tomaz Bratanic

    Alexandre_Poda - NINJA

    Alexandre Podar

    Dairon_Perez - NINJA

    Dairon Perez

    Neylson Crepalde - NINJA

    Neylson Crepalde

    Antonio Origlia - NINJA

    Antonio Origlia

    Sergio Haro- NINJA

    Sergio Haro

    Alexander Jarasch - NINJA

    Alexander Jarasch

    John Dag Addy - NINJA

    John Dag Addy

    John Maiden- NINJA

    John Maiden

    Vlad Batushkov - NINJA

    Vlad Batushkov

    Agung Raka Wibawa - NINJA

    Agung Raka Wibawa

    Charchit Kapoor- NINJA

    Charchit Kapoor

    Yogesh Kulkarni - NINJA

    Yogesh Kulkarni


    Nikhil Kukreja


    Thomas Larsen


    Irsyad Adam

    Joel Duerksen - NINJA


    Gabriel_Matei_Toma- NINJA

    Gabriel Matei Toma