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Windows on MacOS are not behaving according to Apple HIG


On MacOS generally applications behave so you can close the last open window and the application typically won't (shouldn't) quit. You can "activate" the application again by pressing the app icon in the dock. This behaviour is in direct contrast to Windows, where if you close the last window an app will exit.

Right now Neo4J desktop behaves in the Windows way. It asks if I want to shut down the Neo4j Server if I close the main window. See attached screenshot.

It would be a much nicer, more efficient & productive experience to be able to launch Neo4j Desktop and it could be kept running in the background after closing the main window.

I am running macOS Monterey (12), and latest Neo4j Desktop version (1.4.15)

For reference, here's a link and quote from Apple's HIG:

Activate a window when the user clicks your app’s icon in the Dock. If your app is already running with open windows, activate the front open window or the last minimized window. If your app isn’t already running or is running without any open windows, open your main window or a new document window.