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WeightProperty from string property

Graph Fellow


I have relationship properties that are string types, albeit from a limited number of values.
For GDS algorithms that can make use of weight properties in their calculation, is there a mechanism by which I can pass a map/dictionary of values to be used as weight converted from the string property.

For example: I have a relationship, ":Cites" with a property "who" that has the value of either "applicant" or 'examiner". For pageRack, Louvain,... the relationshipWeightProperty parameter requires a numeric (integer or float value). Ideally I would like to pass a map {'applicant':1,'examiner':10} into the algorithm. The goal being that I want to test different weights to see the effect on results. I know I can code a new property key into the relationship based on these values, but I am hoping not to clutter the property list anymore.