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Want to share (embed) Neo4j Bloom on web site

I'm hoping for embedding Neo4j Bloom on web site. In other words, I want to share the bloom visualization externally without user login. It's very interesting that the strong bloom interface is provided on web pages. 

For example, visualizing and publicly sharing interesting data connection on web site becomes a promotion. The staying time of users will be longer via interaction with bloom interface. Additionally, users will be interested in the web site data, contents and the bloom.

So I've expectation on a free sharing function like NeoDash (generating free access URL).
However, such function is not implemented yet as following discussion. 
Can I use Neo4j Bloom in a web based application? - Neo4j - 23534

Will it be implemented?




This is an interesting use case, and while we don't have specific plans to support it in the near term but it is something we are considering for the longer term. Thanks for your interest and feedback!


I'm interested in using Neo4j as well by embedding it in a website. Can you please explain the reason why this is not in the progress stages? This seems a basic feature, and I can't think of one visualization or db platform where sharing the data is not made easy. Tableau, BI, DataStudio and the list goes on and on. Am I missing something?