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Want to move from a causal cluster to a single server, but backups give errors

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I have an overly large and expensive causal cluster hosting my research data in the neo4j instance of a neo4j Enterprise installation. I would like to move to a cheaper solution - specifically, a Windows single machine - as I've seen how much processing power I've been using and it's just not needed.

Unfortunately, I tried two database dumps following the standard procedures, using the apparent cluster leader, but when importing the dump, I get this error message:

Failed to obtain connection towards write server. Known routing table is: RoutingTable[database=neo4j, expirationTime=1604741408058, currentTime=1604741108059, routers=[xxxx:7687], readers=[xxxx:7687], writers=]

I also get the same message, with a few numbers different, when I try to start the dump on my new server, or else I just get


This means I've lost access to my research data. I would love any hints.