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Using the Browser to Visualize and Query a Local (file) Database

Node Clone

I've borrowed and written some Java code to recreate a graph database I successfully created manually using the Neo4j desktop Browser. The code created a local local (file-based) database. I would like to use the Neo4j desktop Browser to "connect" to this database so I can visualize its contents and query it. Is this possible? If not, what options exist to visualize a local, file-based database?

Thanks in advance for your help with these questions.

Ciro Pinto-Coelho


Node Clone

I was able to resolve this issue by rewriting my Java app to create a database in the Community Edition server instead of an embedded database.

Once I did that, I was able to connect to the database using Chrome and navigating to http://localhost:7474/. That brought-up the Neo4j browser, which allowed me to issue a simple MATCH (n) RETURN (n) query and select the graph representation of the result to see the full database in a graph.

I hope that helps someone else struggling with the same issue.