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using recommendation engines on a website


Hello, I am a student, and I want to build a simple web application that allows students to write and publish posts ( like Twitter ) and use recommendation engines to show other students' posts that match or are similar to the topics of your published posts ( or even the posts you liked ).

the backend is with ExpressJs.

I don't know how to start and what to learn exactly, so any help, suggestions or advice I'll be grateful.




Community Team
Community Team

Hello Mohamed, 

You might want to start with our GraphAcademy courses to get the basics. 

Also, William Lyon just released a book about Full Stack GraphQL Applications with React, Node.js and Neo4j. You can get a pdf for free. You can join his book club live sessions. He goes over a chapter a week. 

More specifically on Twitter, Mananai Saengsuwan wrote an article using Neo4j to analyze Twitter data. 

Hope this helps, 


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