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Using openCypher to update two databases from different companies

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We'd like to store identical datasets in two separate databases, a Neo4j database running on Digital Ocean and a Neptune database running on AWS. Because Neptune is compatible with Open Cypher, can we use Open Cypher to keep the two databases the same as new data is added to them? Can we use the same Create statement syntax for example to add new data to each? And can we use the same Labels and Properties for Nodes and Relationships? To what degree can the two databases be formatted the same?



Hello @brent1

It's hard to give you a yes/no answer but you should give it a try anyway. You should make sure that both database are using the same version of openCypher to ensure that the cypher queries you are going to develop are compatible on both. be aware that Neo4j plugins like APOC and GDS will not be available on other databases than Neo4j.


That's really interesting input. Does that mean that APOC won't work on AWS Neptune. Any thoughts on loading XML into Neptune for querying with Open Cypher. Also I was just reading about Neo4j Fabric and it using Neo4j version 4. Does Open Cypher work with newer Neo versions? Also, I presume of we have two databases, one Neo4j and one Neptune that obviously the Neo database could be queried with Cypher and Open Cypher while the Neptune would just work on Open Cypher and we could even experiment with Fabric on the Neo one?


APOC won't work on AWS Neptune.

openCypher manages the Cypher Query Language (CQL) so both databases use Cypher but you must check they use the same version. Last version of Neo4j use the last version of Cypher but I don't know for AWS Neptune.

Fabric is only compatible with Neo4j databases.

I don't think you can load XML only with Cypher.