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Using APOC with test harness in 5.x



I'm trying to migrate from Neo 4.x to 5.x.  My test suite uses the test harness (org.neo4j.test:neo4j-harness:5.2.0) to test the queries my application uses.  Some of the queries use APOC procedures and functions.

Prior to 5.x, I could use APOC in the test harness by including a dependency on the APOC fat-jar, (e.g. org.neo4j.procedure.apoc.  Following 5.x, the APOC repos are split into core and extended, so I expected the new Maven coordinates to be e.g. org.neo4j.procedure.apoc-core.5.2.1:all, but I see that there's no 5.x fat-jar published to Maven Central.  Using the regular jar (org.neo4j.procedure.apoc-core.5.2.1), I get a runtime exception when the test harness tries to start the database, caused by a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: apoc/result/NodeResult.

This looks like a missing dependency that previously I would have got from the fat-jar.  Is there a new way of running the test harness with APOC in 5.x?