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Update index for full text search

Node Clone

Hi. I am trying to implement fuzzy search for my nodes with their properties. I use db.index.fulltext.createNodeIndex() to create index and db.index.fulltext.queryNodes() to search. This works fine and I am able to do different kind of searches including fuzzy search. The problem is that my data is dynamic both labels and properties should be updated (created, deleted). It seems like the only way to implement this is to remove and recreate index every time new property created or deleted (or nodes with new label are created or deleted). Is there a better way to implement this or recreating the index is the only option ?



@armensanoyan FWIW other customers have reported this, i.e. dynamically add/remove properties from the full text search without a rebuild. Cant commit to if/when it will be addressed but it is something we are aware of

Thanks for answer! So there is no any workaround to avoid recreating indexes ?