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Unexplained Daily Increment of DB Size

On 2'nd Sept I had upgraded my Neo4j version from 3.3.9(CE) to 3.5.21(CE).
From there onwards my store size has been increasing in increments of 4GB every day. I am pretty sure that I am not adding that much data daily.

For further investigation, I took two snapshots of the output of the sysinfo query on my browser which was almost a day apart (~19 hours to be precise) to check what is contributing to the increase of the store size but could not find anything.

This is the first snapshot taken around 7th Sept 4:40PM IST(UTC + 5:30) "

This is the second snapshot taken around 8th Sept 11:45AM IST(UTC + 5:30)

Not sure what contributed to the ~3GB increment of the total store size when all the parameters are almost the same between the two snapshots. Also, the total store size does not add up to all the individual parameters size listed in the table so maybe there is something else that is contributing to the growth of store size.

Is there some parameter that needs to be tuned in the new version which was missed by me?

Please advise. Any help would be appreciated.

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