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Unable to start DB on Neo4j Desktop 1.4.3 installed on Windows 10 and running neo4j version 4.2.1

I have downloaded neo4jdesktop version 1.4.3 and installed it on a windows 10 PC running on a corporate network. The default installation gave a neo4j version of 4.2.1. This installation also gave a default database (Movie) pre-created. However, when I start the db, I am always getting the error as shown in the attachment (Database failed to start.png


On checking the logs the last few lines shows the following errors. The log file is attached for reference. log.txt (9.5 KB)

[2021-04-21 10:12:55.703] [info] Starting db [database-795d2d73-ccf6-487f-8ebe-712235745e64] 'v4.2.1'
[2021-04-21 10:12:55.869] [info] Check if neo4j is available on { host: '', path: '/', port: 7687 }
[2021-04-21 10:12:55.870] [info] Check if neo4j is available on { host: '', path: '/', port: 7474 }
[2021-04-21 10:12:57.878] [info] Neo4j @ 7474 is down. connect ECONNREFUSED
[2021-04-21 10:12:57.880] [info] Neo4j @ 7687 is down. connect ECONNREFUSED

I have tried creating a firewall rule on Windows 10 OS allowing the inbound connections to the port 7474 and 7687. Still this did not resolve. I have checked my processes and none of the 2 ports are being used by any other application as well. Still I am not able to start the database.
What is more interesting is that version neo4jdesktop 1.2.8 works without any issue on a colleagues system. No issue with the port and nothing at all even though the PC is on the same corporate network with similar policies applied. I have checked similar articles here but did not find anyone referring to this connection refused error.

Could some one please kindly help with the resolution on this error for 1.4.3? Is there any other conf changes or exceptions I need to allow ?


I am facing the same issue. Also I am facing issue with powershell. An error show up saying "PowerShell was not found. The application does not function correctly without PowerShell. It is recommended that you install PowerShell and make sure it is added to your path." Please help.
Thank you,