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Unable to see tooltips in bloom

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Started facing this issue since yesterday, earlier I used to see include,exclude and caption option in bloom (categories) but now I am only able to see exclude. Also, on hovering over nodes I am unable to see any tooltips.

Kindly help.




any further details?

Neo4j Version?
Bloom Version?
Is this happening for all browsers, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc or only specific browsers?

Hey Dana,

Thank you for your reply.

My neo4j version is 1.4.15
My bloom version is 2.2.0
I am visualizing it on the desktop application.

hey Dana,
Can I know if the tooltip or caption is removed?

I'm having the same issue with tooltip captions because, similar to original poster's screenshot the "Caption" column has been removed and so there is no way to customize what fields show up in the tooltip when you hover your mouse over a node.  The image below is from the Neo4j Bloom guide and what it used to look like. Any updates on this?


Neo4j Desktop 1.4.15

Neo4j 4.4.2

Bloom 2.3.0

Node Link

I am having the same issue, I am reliant on the "caption" node option for my Bloom application and it is no longer available after the update.

I am also running Bloom in the Desktop client

Neo4j Desktop 1.4.15
Neo4j 4.4.3
Bloom 2.2.0

Graph Buddy

That has been moved after a recent update which can be found in


The starting page. Hope this helps.

I believe the update you are referencing allows you to modify what text is displayed on each node.  It does not affect what shows up in that pop-up box when you hover your mouse over the node.  I still don't see a way to modify the pop-up box text.