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Unable to do a clean uninstall and reinstall of neo4j desktop


hi team, i wanted to try the fabric feature in neo4j desktop which was an enterprise edition feature. the fabric configuration as mentioned here : Getting Started with Neo4j Fabric was not getting recognized in my DBMS, so wanted to uninstall and reinstall neo4j desktop. I am not able to do a clean uninstall of neo4j desktop

  1. uninstalled from add/remove programs in windows and ran the uninstaller which removed C:\Program Files\Neo4j Desktop which is the application directory
  2. removed the data directory at %USERPROFILE%.Neo4jDesktop
  3. removed the local and roaming profiles of neo4j from AppData

still suspecting some traces of neo4j app files which makes the installer think it can be an upgrade install. can it be some regedit keys in windows to clean up also ?

restarted PC and installed neo4j desktop 1.4.12 and applied a software key, when the demo movie DBMS was about the get created got the "Password has been changed"
Local Graph Password has been changed. Please enter graph password and nothing works from here. refer attached screenshot. I tried to stop the creation of DBMS , disable auth with and restart dbms, still it is stuck and circle rotating in fetching databases , stuck in limbo state, please help for a clean install of neo4j desktop in windows.

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