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Unable to connect to py2neo package

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Hi everyone,

I realized a problem concerning py2neo package used with Python vr3.5+

I did the following for neo4j package authentication:

GraphDatabase.driver("bolt://localhost:7867", "neo4j", "password") 

But for py2neo package, when feeding in the same arguments for authentication:

Graph("bolt://localhost:7867", auth=("neo4j", "password"))

It's getting an error:
IndexError: pop from an empty deque

With another error exception:
Client Error: [Security.Unauthorized] The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure.

Tried multiple older versions of py2neo 2020.0.0 but yield similar results.

Accepting all suggestions here


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Hi @DMF194 ,

This seems to be an authentication/password issue. Please verify your user/password credentials are correct. If you don't remember admin username (ie:neo4j), you can find how to reset the password here.

Hope this helps

Hi @tfontanella011 ,

Thanks for clarity.

As I have mentioned, I have used the exact same password authentication to connect to Neo4j instance using the neo4j package for python driver and it works.

But when I try to connect using py2neo, it seems to be able to sense the connection but it does not want to.