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Too sluggish rendering in general browser(chrome/firefox) compared to Neo4j native browser connection

When I connect Neo4j via included browser application in desktop package (for windows), the rendering of the output graph is quite speedy and responsive. However, when I connect via "http" on chrome or firefox, then the rendering becomes so sluggish that if I try to move a node then the whole system will not response for quite a while (may be 5 to 10 seconds). Is there any reason why http connection is so slow? To my understanding, it will also use BOLT protocol behind the back.

I want to set up a remote Neo4j server in a linux box and to connect it from multiple places. Therefore, I have no other option except to connect via ordinary browser. So the problem is critical to me....

Meanwhile, is there any standalone Neo4j browser application like the one included in the desktop package? Then, I should be able to install it anywhere from which I can connect Neo4j server.



You can add "remote" connections in Neo4j Desktop.


I struggled with this issue too. Even with a couple nodes in the database, my browser was very, very slow. Tried Chrome, Firefox and the Neo4J client. I could connect with the browsers, but they were slow.

The Neo4j browser said "Database Access Unavailable. Please use :server connect to establish connection". Doing that gave me the same thing. That's when I researched how to erase the saved credentials in the browser, which led me to ":server disconnect". That worked (it would ask for credentials), but I have to do this every time I go into the Neo4j browser. The response time was then as expected.

Doing this helped my Firefox connection tremendously. I wonder if this is an issue with browser security. I tried implementing SSL on my server, and it compounded this problem. I went back to http, figuring i'll connect using bolt instead. Since wiping out credentials fixes it, this would be my guess.