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State of Neo4j-Morpheus?


it's been a while since there was an update regarding the current state of events regarding morpheus - especially with the (upcoming?) release of spark 3.0 - i want to cautiously try using morpheus in production, but have multiple concerns :

  1. in the following link -> Chapter 1. Overview - Part I. Morpheus
    morpheus is describe as a neo4j-enterprise feature. (that builds on CAPS) . yet it's repository (GitHub - opencypher/morpheus: Morpheus brings the leading graph query language, Cypher, onto the lea...) changed from CAPS to morpheus , and has an apache license. does this mean that morpheus is entirely apache-2 licensed?
  2. is there still ongoing development or a roadmap ? is there a chance that using morpheus now (basing flows on top of its API's) would break once SPARK-3.0 comes out (with it's cypher features) ?

Thank you ! this is an amazing piece of SW which currently i believe tops GraphX \ GraphFrames and would really like to see it grow



Welcome martziano3. I don't have an answer for the question, just want to express my interest as well. It looks like the code was last touched around 6 months ago, it would be nice to know status.

Hi Joel ... I know , it’s just weird.
Morpheus was presented in 2 of the last spark conferences , as the next big thing in graph data integration for big data, but suddenly , everything just stopped.

BTW, i followed the JIRA for spark 3.0 and asked there ( in one of the spark-cypher closed pull request) - spark cypher is not getting into spark 3.0 ( which is already in feature-freeze state). The commenter also mentioned that he doesn’t believe the spark-cypher is even in future plans anymore.

Now , weré left with morpheus , but have no way to know ( and neo4j doesn’t share anymore) about it’s state - can we count on it being compatible with spark 3 ? Did neo4j abandon it as well and not planning to support it from now on ?

Even from a business prespective, this doesn’t make sense. I started planning an architecture based on morpheus and neo4j , but will probably drop both in that case ( as i need both , and the spark integration in morpheus is extremely important for me) .

Hopefully someone from neo4j would break silence regarding it and share an update.


Hello all,

I want to apologize for the delay in the response; I have not been aware of this thread until today. We posted an updated message in the README in our repository in early September. Following that update several people have reached out with questions like the ones you legitimately ask above. I've written a comprehensive answer in one of the issues that hopefully will shed some light on the current state of Morpheus.

I should like to add that if you have a specific business use case for which you would like to invest in Morpheus, please reach out to

All the best