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Hello .. Good night
is there any way to stop a graph bank and start another bank using JavaScript code?

ps: I already made the connection between the bank and the JS tool


While there isn't a way using bolt communication to stop and start a Neo4j dbms, if you're using 4.0.x with multi-databases, you can issue an administrative query to the system database to stop and start the databases that are present:

Is this for all types or just for the Enterprise Edition?

Start and stop commands are enterprise only.

You can't create multiple databases in community edition, so you only have neo4j and system databases by default.

in the community edition is there any way to use multiple databases issuing queries for each one?
I need it
or what do you suggest?

No, community edition only has the single neo4j database for data. The system db is reserved for user/database/role/security administration and can't be used as any kind of general purpose db.

So you can't do this with a single dbms.

You would need to spin up potentially several Neo4j instances, and then in your client have it manage the driver connections to each one.

You might want to take a look at Neo4j Aura for the future, though. This is our db-as-a-service offering...not free, but affordable, and backed by a 3-instance enterprise-edition cluster.

It hasn't been readied for 4.0 yet, that's in-progress, but when it does you might consider it for handling your multi-db needs.