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Start Enterprise plan with small dataset


Our team tried AuraDB Free once and noticed that it's the service we needed, and then decided to use Neo4j Aura from GCP marketplace.

We planed to start with small dataset to verify the performance of the database, and then apply to the larger dataset. Therefore, we decided to use AuraDB Professional at first, then migrate to the AuraDB Enterprise after performance verification.
But, we found that we need to ask to fulfill some forms (security assessment questionnaires etc.) before using the AuraDB services for production.
Since AuraDB Professional doesn't have premium support, and the files are confidential, now we are consider using AuraDB Enterprise at the first place.

So my questions are:

  • if we stick to the first plan (performance verification on AuraDB Professional then migrate to AuraDB Enterprise), is it possible for to fulfill some security related check sheets?
  • if we start using AuraDB Enterprise at the first place, is it ok to use AuraDB Enterprise with small amount of data (such as several GB) ?
  • if we use small amount of data on AuraDB Enterprise, does the price table the same as AuraDB Professional?

Thank you.